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Fate of the Furious Actually Secret Matrix Sequel?!?

I know it sounds ridiculous, but isn’t ridiculous what this franchise has embraced in recent years? I’ve heard from a reliable source that the upcoming Fast and Furious 8 is actually a secret sequel to The Matrix, setting the stage for the franchise to be rebooted. Don’t believe me? I’ve got all the details below.

Here’s the thing. You may have heard that Warner Brothers has plans for a new Matrix movie. The studio, writer, and all potentially involved have been very elusive about whether this is a remake, reboot, sequel, prequel, or something else. It’s a reboot that’s an expansion, or something like that. It all sounded very vague and confusing but now with recent info I’ve been given, it makes total (if crazy) sense.

Let’s go back to the original Matrix for a second, and a certain Judas character – Cypher. A computer operator familiar with the code that made up the program that was the matrix, he eventually betrays his friends because he’s tired of his hard life in the real world. He makes a deal to go back into the matrix so long as he’s given an important new identity with no memory of Morpheus, Neo, and everything else.

That brings us to Charlize Theron’s villain character in F8.  “The very definition of high tech terrorism,” she’s an elite hacker who plan for domination involves taking over computer controlled cars and turning them into an army at her control. “London, Cuba, Abu Dhabi, our paths have crossed before,” she says to Dom in the latest trailer. She’s been behind the scenes for a while it seems. Like perhaps since things started taking a turn for the crazy in the series with the fifth installment perhaps, when physics went out the window? Anyone remember that safe sequence? Or when when Dom catapults himself across the highway from one car to the next? Things that consistently should be impossible seem to be happening around this crew with greater and greater frequency, and word out of an early screening at CinemaCon confirm that they just keep getting even more so. Slashfilm even makes the comparison to superheroes in their report, saying only Superman could take down Dom at this point.

So back to the F8 villain. Guess what her name is? Cipher. Yep. Even though this bit of information has been embargoed from the Cinema Con screening, my source has confirmed that Charlize Theron’s character is, in fact, Cypher from the first Matrix movie. Things have been rebooted and he’s a whole new person just as he asked, with no memory of what had happened. But somewhere in the back of his mind he still has all that knowledge, allowing him/her to easily manipulate the code of the matrix, “hacking” those cars and causing physics and reality to bend around him/her.

At the end of The Fate of the Furious – which Vin Diesel has confirmed to be the start of a new chapter/trilogy in the franchise – it is revealed that Dom is actually the new One, the new Neo, which explains why he can do the things he can without dying.

This wouldn’t be the first time a movie was secretly a sequel to another, and as crazy as it sounds, it’s pretty genius. It takes both successful franchises in a new direction together and will allow for even more completely insane stunts to take place in Fast 9 (rumored to be called Revved and Rebooted) with Dom realizing just what he’s capable and who he is. I can’t wait to see who they cast as the Agent Smith of this version – my personal hope is for Willem Defoe!

Don’t believe me? I’ve got proof right here, but feel free to tell me why I’m wrong in the comments below. I guess we’ll all know the truth soon enough though as The Fate of the Furious is in theaters on April 14th.

UPDATE 4/3/17: Of course this was an April Fool’s joke – you didn’t actually believe me, did you?

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