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Fate of the Furious Actually Secret Matrix Sequel?!?

I know it sounds ridiculous, but isn’t ridiculous what this franchise has embraced in recent years? I’ve heard from a reliable source that the upcoming Fast and Furious 8 is actually a secret sequel to The Matrix, setting the stage for the franchise to be rebooted. Don’t believe me? I’ve got all the details below.

Trump to Censor Foreign Films

Update:  Just in case you didn’t figure it out, this was thankfully an April Fool’s joke!  I wouldn’t put it past him though…  I don’t usually get involved in politics, but this is too important to ignore, and I know it’s relevant to my readers.  In his latest interview in Bloomberg, presidential candidate, Donald TrumpContinue reading “Trump to Censor Foreign Films”

How I Became a Film Critic and How You can Too

I’m writing this article because I wish I could have found an article like it a few years back when I really started becoming interested in furthering my interest in writing about film.  If you love movies and are curious about how to go about writing about them, then read on and I will shareContinue reading “How I Became a Film Critic and How You can Too”

15 Reasons why 2015 is Going to be Giant at the Box Office

People are just not going to the movies as much as they used to.  With bigger, better, and cheaper options at home, 2014 had the lowest number of movie tickets sold since 1995.  That’s in the past now though.  As we begin the 2015 movie season there is a ridiculously large number of films thatContinue reading “15 Reasons why 2015 is Going to be Giant at the Box Office”