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Weekend Preview – February 14, 2013

It’s an early weekend for movies as the studios take advantage of movie date nights on Valentine’s Day.  Three out of the four major releases hit theaters on Thursday – a teen romance, a romance for a slightly older crowd, and some action-oriented counter programming for the guys.  Friday sees the release of the firstContinue reading “Weekend Preview – February 14, 2013”

Weekend Preview – February 1, 2013

February opens with two wide releases this weekend.  One is an actioner echoing The Last Stand from earlier this month and the other is something you have undoubtedly never seen before – a zom-rom-com. Bullet to the Head Trailer: Sylvester Stallone sees Ahnold’s Last Stand and raises him a Bullet to the Head.  A hitmanContinue reading “Weekend Preview – February 1, 2013”

Weekend Preview – January 25, 2013

Three more movies nobody really seems to care about finish off January’s wide releases this weekend, all of which seem to be mostly focused on the male end of the movie-goer spectrum. Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters                 Trailer: Once upon a time, Jeremy Renner wasn’t a starContinue reading “Weekend Preview – January 25, 2013”

Weekend Preview – January 18, 2012

January is notorious for being chock full of a bunch of nothing when it comes to movies.  The lineup often consists of genre films that are not going to appeal to the masses, and films which have sat around or been pushed back – relegated to a time of year where they might be theContinue reading “Weekend Preview – January 18, 2012”