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Weekend Preview – June 28, 2013

It’s a double dose of Deja Vu this weekend.  Melissa McCarthy stars in a “mismatched duo” comedy for the second time this year, and terrorists have once again taken over the White House. The Heat Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are a mismatched pair in this female buddy cop movie.  When FBI agent Sarah AshburnContinue reading “Weekend Preview – June 28, 2013”

Weekend Preview – June 7, 2013

This weekend brings us two middle of the road entries.  One thriller and one comedy.   The Purge What if you could, literally, get away with murder?  And rape, and theft, and vandalism, and whatever else you feel like?  In The Purge, all of this is legal for twelve hours, once a year.  It’s doneContinue reading “Weekend Preview – June 7, 2013”

Weekend Preview – May 31, 2013

The Summer movie season continues with a couple of potential blockbusters this weekend, along with a film that probably flew under your radar. After Earth Will Smith and real life son Jaden Smith are a futuristic father and son in this sci-fi epic.  When a mission into space leaves the two of them stranded onContinue reading “Weekend Preview – May 31, 2013”

Weekend Preview – May 17, 2013

One big blockbuster this weekend as the Summer movie season gets ready to fully launch, and one smaller film I’m hearing great things about. Star Trek: Into Darkness In 2009, JJ Abrams reinvented the Star Trek franchise to great success.  Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, Karl Urban, John Cho, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin, and Bruce Greenwood allContinue reading “Weekend Preview – May 17, 2013”

Weekend Preview – May 10, 2013

Iron Man 3 is still going strong in theaters and is sure to remain at the top of the box office, but that’s not going to stop some counter-programming from trying to take a piece of the pie as well.  This week brings us a flashy version of a beloved classic literary tale, and aContinue reading “Weekend Preview – May 10, 2013”

Weekend Preview – April 26, 2013

It’s a weekend of comedies, though the two films could not be any more different. Pain & Gain Michael Bay takes a break from giant robots and even bigger explosions with a much lower budget and smaller scale film than he’s directed lately. Based on the real life exploits of the “Sun Gym Gang,” PainContinue reading “Weekend Preview – April 26, 2013”

Weekend Preview – April 12, 2013

Sorry this week’s preview is a bit on the late side – there were circumstances of the beyond my control type.  There are a couple wide releases this weekend, one of which looks good and the other not so much.  If you’re in a film friendly market there are also a good number of interestingContinue reading “Weekend Preview – April 12, 2013”

Weekend Preview – April 5, 2013

It’s a slow weekend coming up with the only new wide releases being a 3D re-release of a twenty year old movie and a remake of horror classic from 1981. If any classic film might be able to justify the argument for a 3D conversion, Jurassic Park has to be it.  After all, lush landscapesContinue reading “Weekend Preview – April 5, 2013”

Weekend Preview – March 8, 2013

The weekend is upon us and with it brings the first big event movie of the year, along with a lesser known film, both of which I enjoyed. Oz the Great and Powerful Last week we got a new take on the old tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.  This week sees the release ofContinue reading “Weekend Preview – March 8, 2013”