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Weekend Preview – July 26, 2013

As the only new wide release, The Wolverine is poised to win the weekend, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.  There are a few other, smaller, films though that are worth your attention also. The Wolverine Have you been waiting for that movie that finally “gets” Wolverine?  This is where you expect me to say,Continue reading “Weekend Preview – July 26, 2013”

Review – The To Do List

Brandy (Aubrey Plaza) has just graduated from high school as the perfect valedictorian.  She has overachieved just about everything up to this point except one thing – losing her virginity.  Convinced that she needs to add sexual prowess to her resume before beginning college, Brandy creates a laundry list of sexual experiences she’s determined toContinue reading “Review – The To Do List”