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Kristen Stewart Confirmed for Star Wars VII as Mara Jade

[UPDATE]:  Just in case anyone was still not sure, yes, this was an April Fool’s joke 😉 I don’t normally report on casting news, but this one is pretty big and sure to stir up some controversy.  In a press release earlier today, Disney announced that the lead character in the upcoming Star Wars EpisodeContinue reading “Kristen Stewart Confirmed for Star Wars VII as Mara Jade”

He’s got the whole universe in his hands…

On Thursday came the big news that none other than JJ Abrams would be helming Star Wars VII.  Over the weekend, new owner of LucasFilm, Disney, released a statement, confirming the directorial choice making it official.  The next Star Wars film will be directed by JJ Abrams and produced by Bad Robot.  Cue the droids goneContinue reading “He’s got the whole universe in his hands…”