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Weekend Preview, December 6, 2013

All’s quiet on the movie front this weekend, for the most part.  Only one major release, though there are plenty of limited releases that are worth seeing making their rounds. Out of the Furnace Christian Bale is a man who is out to avenge his brother (Casey Affleck) after he gets mixed up with aContinue reading “Weekend Preview, December 6, 2013”

Review: Out of the Furnace

Christian Bale is a man whose brother (Casey Affleck) is taken from him by a crazed illegal fights racketeer (Woody Harrelson).  Willem Dafoe, Forest Whitaker, Zoe Saldana, and Sam Shepard fill out the cast of this action drama revenge flick.  Directed by Scott Cooper and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Ridley Scott, it seems like a no-fail formulaContinue reading “Review: Out of the Furnace”