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Weekend Preview – November 1, 2013

Lots of very different options for you to choose from should you go to the theater this weekend.  Here’s the part of the show where I tell you about each one in one sentence and then let you know if you should see it or not. Ender’s Game A young genius is recruited to trainContinue reading “Weekend Preview – November 1, 2013”

Review – Free Birds

Reggie (Owen Wilson) has never been one to fit in with the crowd.  Too smart for his own good, he’s a social outcast.  He’s also a turkey.  Standing out from the crowd isn’t all bad, though, as it leads him to become the official turkey to be pardoned by the President.  Soon he’s living itContinue reading “Review – Free Birds”

Free Birds Prescreening Giveaway

Want to see Free Birds for Free and before everyone else?  (There’s some great early bird free worm pun in there somewhere, I just know it…)  I have a limited number of screening passes to give away for next Saturday, the 26th, 10:30 in the morning at Mazza Gallerie in DC. You will need anContinue reading “Free Birds Prescreening Giveaway”