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Exclusive Interview – Cory Edwards

Escape from Planet Earth is currently playing in theaters and I had the opportunity to talk to Cory Edwards (who also wrote and directed Hoodwinked), one of the writers behind the story. FH  As I understand it, you and Tony Leech wrote the original script for Escape from Planet Earth but both left the productionContinue reading “Exclusive Interview – Cory Edwards”

Weekend Preview – February 14, 2013

It’s an early weekend for movies as the studios take advantage of movie date nights on Valentine’s Day.  Three out of the four major releases hit theaters on Thursday – a teen romance, a romance for a slightly older crowd, and some action-oriented counter programming for the guys.  Friday sees the release of the firstContinue reading “Weekend Preview – February 14, 2013”

Review: Escape from Planet Earth

Scorch Supernova (Brenden Fraser) is the blue alien equivalent of Metro Man or Captain Hammer, pulling off daring deeds of heroics to the adoration of his entire planet.  Caught up in the showmanship and results of his life-threatening missions, though, he seems to forget about the people behind the scenes who help make everything heContinue reading “Review: Escape from Planet Earth”