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Review – Pain and Gain

Michael Bay takes a break from giant robots and even bigger explosions with a much lower budget and smaller scale film than he’s directed lately. Based on the real life exploits of the “Sun Gym Gang,” Pain and Gain is the story of a group of criminal bodybuilders, portrayed here by Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg,Continue reading “Review – Pain and Gain”

Review – The Place Beyond the Pines

From the literal meaning of Schenectady, New York, The Place Beyond the Pines has one heck of a leading cast.  There are enough people out there who would see a movie only because Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper was in it, not to mention both of them.  Throw in Eva Mendes and the up and comingContinue reading “Review – The Place Beyond the Pines”

Review – Oblivion

Oblivion, from the director of Tron: Legacy, places Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) on an Earth decimated after an apparent alien war.  He’s part of the clean-up crew.  The rest of humanity has left for Titan to form a new colony, or are waiting to do so in an orbiting space station called the Tet.  Jack’sContinue reading “Review – Oblivion”

Review – Jurassic Park 3D

Twenty years ago dinosaurs became cool thanks to a little film called Jurassic Park.  I’m going to assume you’ve seen it already, and if you haven’t, you probably just don’t have any interest in seeing a bunch of people trying to avoid getting eaten by velociraptors while stuck in a theme park created by ScottishContinue reading “Review – Jurassic Park 3D”

Review – The Host

Beautiful Creatures failed spectacularly at becoming the next big young adult paranormal romance.  Open Road Films is hoping they can corner that market by going to the source of the recent trend.  The Host, written and directed by Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, In Time, S1m0ne) is based on the novel of the same name by noneContinue reading “Review – The Host”

Review – The Call

“You can be the difference between someone living and someone dying,” Halle Berry‘s character Jordan says near the beginning of this thriller.  As a 911 operator, she struggles to come to terms with the latter part of the sentiment when, possibly due to her actions, a young girl is murdered.  Fast forward a bit downContinue reading “Review – The Call”

Review: Dead Man Down

When a damaged young French woman (Noomi Rapace) observes her neighbor (Colin Farrell) killing a man, she takes the opportunity to coerce him into taking care of a piece of business for her as well.  Soon she realizes that his is a more complicated story than she thought and finds herself caught up not onlyContinue reading “Review: Dead Man Down”