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Weekend Preview – February 1, 2013

February opens with two wide releases this weekend.  One is an actioner echoing The Last Stand from earlier this month and the other is something you have undoubtedly never seen before – a zom-rom-com. Bullet to the Head Trailer: Sylvester Stallone sees Ahnold’s Last Stand and raises him a Bullet to the Head.  A hitmanContinue reading “Weekend Preview – February 1, 2013”

He’s got the whole universe in his hands…

On Thursday came the big news that none other than JJ Abrams would be helming Star Wars VII.  Over the weekend, new owner of LucasFilm, Disney, released a statement, confirming the directorial choice making it official.  The next Star Wars film will be directed by JJ Abrams and produced by Bad Robot.  Cue the droids goneContinue reading “He’s got the whole universe in his hands…”

Weekend Preview – January 25, 2013

Three more movies nobody really seems to care about finish off January’s wide releases this weekend, all of which seem to be mostly focused on the male end of the movie-goer spectrum. Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters                 Trailer: Once upon a time, Jeremy Renner wasn’t a starContinue reading “Weekend Preview – January 25, 2013”

Weekend Preview – January 18, 2012

January is notorious for being chock full of a bunch of nothing when it comes to movies.  The lineup often consists of genre films that are not going to appeal to the masses, and films which have sat around or been pushed back – relegated to a time of year where they might be theContinue reading “Weekend Preview – January 18, 2012”

Ten sequels in 2013 that I’m actually looking forward to

Sequels.  Put a “2”, a “3”, or most definitely a “5” at the end of a movie’s title and it almost immediately loses the attention of many a movie goer.  With the vast amount of part two’s out there being made as a cash grab riding on the name recognition of a movie that enoughContinue reading “Ten sequels in 2013 that I’m actually looking forward to”

Review: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Although this movie is from earlier this year, now is probably the first time many people have the opportunity – or desire – to see this indie critics’ darling.  And with its multiple Oscar nominations, I felt it deserved my time now that I’ve added it to my list of nominated films seen.

Oscar Nominations 2013

The nominations are in for this year’s Academy Awards.  I’ve put an asterisk next to each movie that I have seen already. Best Picture Amour Argo Beasts of the Southern Wild Django Unchained *Les Miserables *Life of Pi *Lincoln *Silver Linings Playbook Zero Dark Thirty There are nine nominees this year out of the maximumContinue reading “Oscar Nominations 2013”

Weekend Preview – January 11, 2013

There are two new wide releases coming out this weekend. Gangster Squad Trailer: Admit it, you know next to nothing about this one and it comes out this weekend.  How does a movie starring Emma Stone, Nick Nolte, Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, and Ryan Gosling fly so far under everyone’s radar?  Sadly, the Aurora tragedy.  In anContinue reading “Weekend Preview – January 11, 2013”