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Review – Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass Poster

Despite lackluster reviews, 2010’s Alice in Wonderland made a boatload of money so it’s little surprise that eventually a sequel would make its way to the big screen.
Reminding us that it has been a while since we’ve seen a new installment of that other Depp powered franchise, Through The Looking Glass starts out on the high seas with a swashbuckling escape from pirates with Alice (Mia Wasikowska) at the helm. Hatter Jack Sparrow would be proud. Unfortunately once we go from the real world to Underland, the movie gets significantly less fun and interesting. I’m pretty sure it should be the other way around.The mad hatter (Johnny Depp) is in a funk because he thinks his family is alive and no one believes him. His family, as we are supposed to remember, was all killed by the Jabberwock, so it’s seems that them being alive would be impossible than most things that happen in the land. It’s up to Alice to save him from dying of depression. How? By stealing a time travel decide from time himself (Sacha Baron Cohen), putting the very existence of everyone and everything in jeopardy in order to try to save the hatter’s family from fate. Smart.

Excessively dull, despite a potentially interesting cast of characters and a vibrant looking world, the plot is tired and rife with holes. It also has all but nothing to do with the book of the same name. While Once Upon a Time is a bit soap operaish, I longed for something even close to the show’s creativity to show up here. It doesn’t.

When you have at your disposal a terrific cast of talent playing diverse and beloved characters like the Cheshire Cat and the Tweedles, set in a world limited by imagination, and the best plot you can come up with is Mr Peabody and Sherman meets the worst sort of ferric Disney, you have problems.

At one point, when we once again find ourselves in the real world, the movie threatens to become interesting. Alice is in an insane asylum under the watch of a devious doctor played by a wasted Andrew Scott. But before we even get over the confusing as all get out transition, that tangent is over and we’re back in boring world.

The majority of the movie seems to be an excuse to explore banal backstories of characters and explaining them to death for no good reason at all. Do we really care why the Queen of Hearts (Helena Bonham Carter) is angry?

Eventually the film inevitably ends. It wraps things up with an amalgamation of feel good Disney morals and happy endings, the framework for which is virtually nonexistent throughout the movie. It’s extremely off putting and awkward.

It’s not the most awful thing ever but it is just plain uninteresting, uninspiring, and unnecessary.

Mrs Hamster did not screen this film

Brother Hamster says:
“I feel like I’ve seen this movie before but with more interesting characters and done better.”

My rating: two out of five hats



Alice Through the Looking Glass breaks into 3,763 theaters, including IMAX 3D, May 27

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