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Review – Holidays

Holidays Poster

Holidays Poster

Taking eight special days out of the year and twisting them into terror filled vignettes, Holidays is a horror anthology with an enticing premise.

Beginning with Valentine’s Day and ending with New Year’s Eve, Holidays goes chronologically through some of the more familiar days of celebration.  Taking inspiration from the given day, a collection of writers and directors have put together a series of tales designed to disturb.  And they do, sometimes.  But mostly they just left me scratching my head wondering where the punchline was.

Some of the segments, such as Father’s Day, are incredibly creepy, but fail to build to anything of substance.  Easter is, as you might imagine, quite offensive to Christ and rabbits and certainly sacrilegious – it reminds me of something the guys over at Cyanide and Happiness would come up with, but without the happiness.

St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas make very little sense.  Halloween is a poorly executed Saw parody/clone (directed by Kevin Smith), and Valentine’s Day is clever but not very well executed.  Only New Year’s Eve really succeeds and would actually make an interesting concept for a longer story.  Most of these would, in fact, but seem to suffer from being worthwhile ideas with no flesh on their bones and no time given to develop them.  Beginning, middle, and end, are mushed so closely together I was left wondering if I missed something or if that’s all there really was to the story.  An hour and 45 minutes is not all that long when there are so many stories to tell and most of them seem to use the time allotted to build atmosphere and forget to do much else.

As an exercise, it’s not too bad, and it really left me hoping another group will take the idea and run with it – perhaps with better, or less involved, producers.  I get the sense that the films were all supposed to fit well together, which they do, but because they’ve been blanched instead of fully cooked.

The film is probably worth checking out if horror anthologies are your specialty and you don’t have something better to do, but barring that, you can pretty safely skip this one.  It’s not scary and disturbed enough to leave a mark, but not offbeat enough to be entertaining schlock – wannabe creepypasta.  It exists and has some good things about it, just like many other films out there.

Mrs. Hamster did not screen this film

My Rating: Two out of five hats



Holidays is available on VOD and celebrates a release in select theaters April 22

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