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Trump to Censor Foreign Films


Update:  Just in case you didn’t figure it out, this was thankfully an April Fool’s joke!  I wouldn’t put it past him though…  :-/

I don’t usually get involved in politics, but this is too important to ignore, and I know it’s relevant to my readers.  In his latest interview in Bloomberg, presidential candidate, Donald Trump has made a campaign promise that will affect all lovers of cinema in this country, should it come to pass.

It’s not enough to put up walls to keep those people out, we need to keep their ideas out of America too.  That’s the problem with this country, we’ve let too many different ideas come in without looking at them, without examining them to see if they are fit for us and our children.  There are too many ideas from people – not Americans – from people who want to tell us what to think, to change our minds, to change America. Movies are a good example.  Why are we showing foreign films in American theaters? Has anyone stopped to see what these movies are saying to us and about us? Not to mention the money they are taking away from Hollywood movies, good old American made movies with American values. No, and I can tell you, when I am president, I am going to take a serious look at this and I can tell you, there are going to be a lot less un-American movies coming over here, if any. Why do we need them? We don’t need them.

Now obviously the Donald likes to talk, a lot, and has said some crazy things, but who – especially anyone who loves the art of movies – can support him on this? This is censorship.  Think of all the amazing movies we would have missed out on if we were relegated to only watching what American companies made? This is just ridiculous and pretty much a good enough reason by itself not to vote for him. And I can only imagine the legion of angry anime fans!

What do you think about this latest development?

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