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#Stuck Poster

#Stuck Poster
It’s a tale as old as time.  Boy and girl get drunk.  Boy and girl make bad decisions.  Boy and girl end up “stuck” together longer than intended.

If this indie, crowd funded effort sounds familiar that’s because a film with pretty much the same premise just came out a couple of weeks ago.  Unlike Two Night Stand, however, there’s not much to redeem this film.

Stood up on a blind date, Guy (Joel David Moore) is ready to leave the bar and call it a night.  When Holly (Madeline Zima) catches his attention, however, best intentions eventually fly out the window as he ends up taking her back to his place for a booze fueled one night stand.  Holly’s plans to leave discreetly in the morning are dashed, however, when she realizes to her dismay that her car is still parked across town.  Guy offers to give her a ride to rendezvous with her own – a disastrous decision that puts them both in an inexplicable gridlock of traffic that shows no signs of moving any time soon.

Forced to spend uncomfortable quality time with one another, Guy and Holly mostly use these moments to comment on how much they don’t like one another.  This isn’t hard to believe, given the fact that neither of them are, in fact, very likeable people.  Argumentative, insulting, and a little bit mental, Guy and Holly at least have those things in common, if nothing else.

The back story leading up to this unfortunate situation is told through backwards flashbacks and awkward camera angles.  Going back and forth from the current car situation to clips from the night before, their story slowly unfolds starting from the horrifically drunken sexcapades of the evening and ending at the beginning – what brought Holly into the bar in the first place.  For some reason, much of this prehistory is told through the use of first person point of view camera shots, putting the viewer exactly where they don’t want to be most of the time.

It’s rather difficult to get invested in either of the two main characters when neither have many apparent redeeming qualities.  It doesn’t help that for at least the first half of the film we’re bombarded with needlessly graphic imagery of two impaired people going at it in the most uncomfortable of flashbacks.  As the sex scenes subside and the two open up to one another a bit more in the car, things do improve, but it’s mostly too late since by now we just don’t care and just want the traffic to move already.

There are moments here and there that, if there were more like them, could have made this a fun and thoughtful take on the romantic comedy genre.  There were enough of those moments, especially near the end, to stop me from ending up hating the film.  As it stands, though, this is mostly and endurance test as much for the audience as it is for Guy and Holly.

Mrs. Hamster says:

“It’s like I was stuck there with them, but not in a good way.”

My rating: Two out of five hats



#Stuck jams a limited number of theaters and VOD October 10

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