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Weekend Preview – November 15, 2013

The Best Man Holiday

It must be the end of the year – there is once again only one new wide release.  Everything else is artsy, controversial, or begging for an award in limited release.

The Best Man HolidayThe Best Man Holiday

The long awaited sequel to the 1999 hit romcomdrama brings the original cast back for Christmas years later.

I didn’t see the original or this sequel, but fans of the first have been raving about Holiday, so if that’s you, go see it.



The Book Thief PosterThe Book Thief

Based on the award winning novel, The Book Thief is the story of a young German girl’s struggle to understand everything she is going through during WWII.

Ultimately too happy for its own good, stellar performances from the solid cast – including the young newcomers – still make this worth a watch.

Read my full review here.

(Currently in limited release)


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