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Weekend Preview – November 8, 2013

Years a Slave Poster

Only one new wide release this weekend, for good reason.

Thor- The Dark World PosterThor: The Dark World

In Loki: The Sequel,Thor: The Dark World, the Norse god of thunder must stop the evil dark elves from bringing darkness to the universe.

Fans of Marvel’s movies, Chris Hemsworth, and Tom Hiddleston should see this one post haste, but there’s not much here for others.

Read my full review here.



About Time PosterAbout Time

A British kid learns he has the power to travel through time, but uses this ability for almost nothing but romantic endeavors.

It’s romance and science fiction tied up in one, slightly unbelievable, feel-good package.

Now in wide release.  Read my full review here.



Years a Slave Poster12 Years a Slave

The true story of a free black man kidnapped into southern slavery during the 1840’s.

It’s being hailed as this generation’s Schindler’s List which means it’s intense and important and probably very good (though I haven’t been able to confirm that yet).


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