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Weekend Preview – November 1, 2013

Ender's Game Poster

Lots of very different options for you to choose from should you go to the theater this weekend.  Here’s the part of the show where I tell you about each one in one sentence and then let you know if you should see it or not.

Ender's Game PosterEnder’s Game

A young genius is recruited to train with other children to become the army that will save Earth from alien invaders.

This adaptation of Orson Scott Card‘s famed novel may bother some purists, but this is a solid science fiction film that will not disappoint on its own.

Read my full review here.



Last Vegas PosterLast Vegas

A bunch of old guys throw a wild bachelor party for last of the gang to get married, and learn a lot about fun, friendship, and love along the way.

It’s better than the trailer and concept would suggest, but still most appropriate for the older crowd.

Read my full review here.



Free Birds PosterFree Birds

Two turkeys travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving in order to get their kind off the menu.

It’s as dumb as it sounds but I found it funny – your mileage will vary depending on your sense of humor.

Read my full review here.



About Time PosterAbout Time

A British kid learns he has the power to travel through time, but uses this ability for almost nothing but romantic endeavors.

It’s romance and science fiction tied up in one, slightly unbelievable, feel-good package.

Read my full review here.


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