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The Book Thief Prescreening Giveaway

The Book Thief Poster

The Book Thief Poster

All winners have been notified.  Keep an eye on this site for more giveaways in the future!

Want to catch a prescreening of the film based on the critically acclaimed novel, The Book Thief?  I have 20 admit two passes to give away to a DC screening.

Screening Details:

Tuesday, October 29th

Landmark E Street

For a chance to win passes, leave a comment with your email address and your favorite book to film adaptation.

(as long as you’re signed in with Disqus using your preferred email, you do not need to post it again if you would rather it not be public)


Based on the beloved bestselling book, THE BOOK THIEF is narrated by Death and set in Nazi Germany – a place and time when, as the narrator notes, he was extremely busy. Under the watchful eye and caustic musings of Death, a young girl named Liesel embarks upon a journey marked by discovery, courage, friendship – and the power to triumph over the most daunting obstacles.

48 thoughts on “The Book Thief Prescreening Giveaway

  1. I love the movie ” Gone with the Wind”. I have seen it many times and still to this day love to watch it. It never looses its appeal. I would really like to get passes for the Book thief if possible. Thanks.


  2. Either Harry Potter or the Brideshead Revisited miniseries. The Book Thief is one of my favorite books so I’m really hoping this is a good adaptation…


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