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Weekend Preview – October 11, 2013

Machete Kills Poster

This weekend we have one film that is Oscar bait, and another that is anything but.

Machete Kills PosterMachete Kills

I quite enjoyed Robert Rodriguez’s grindhouse B-movie that is Machete.  Danny Trejo is back as the titular badass, along with a slew of other very colorful actors including Charlie Sheen as the President of the United States and Mel Gibson as the crazy villain.  Lady Gaga, Antonio Banderas, Sofia Vergara and a countless others have supporting rolls.

Not much to the plot here.  There are bad guys – Machete does what he does best.  I’ve heard some mixed things about this one but haven’t been able to see it yet.  I’m definitely planning to soon, though, as it looks like a bunch of ridiculousness in the best way possible.



Captain Phillips PosterCaptain Phillips

Tom Hanks is Richard Phillips, captain of the first American ship to be hijacked by pirates since the early 1800′s.  Director Paul Greengrass brings this true tale from 2009 to the big screen.

When Somalian pirates board the Maersk Alabama in hopes of collecting a hefty ransom, it’s up to Captain Phillips and his crew to survive.  With resources spread thin, there’s no help coming anytime soon.

There is an intense realism to this edge of your seat thrill ride.  Hanks gives one of his best performances in years, and the film is easily one of the best of 2013 so far.  See it.

Read my full review here.



Enough Said PosterEnough Said

The late James Gandolfini‘s final starring role is in a sweet, emotional film a hundred times more genuine than most every other romantic comedy/drama out there. When Eva (Julia Louis Dreyfus) realizes her new massage client and friend is the ex wife of the guy she’s just started to date (Gandolfini), things start getting complicated. The chemistry is incredibly strong and the characters all likable or at least enjoyable to watch. This is a perfect date night movie, and is now in wide release.

Read my full review here.


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