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Review – Enough Said

Enough Said Poster

Enough Said Poster

Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the late James Gandolfini in his final starring role, Enough Said is the story of Eva (Louis-Dreyfus), Albert (Gandolfini), and their unlikely romance.

Eva has been divorced for some years, and is facing certain loneliness as her daughter prepares to leave for her first year in college.  Albert is also once divorced with a hateful ex-wife and a difficult daughter also headed away for higher learning. After the two meet at a party, Albert invites Eva out on a date.  Not attracted to him initially – he’s a bit “paunchy” and a self proclaimed slob – Eva finds herself growing more comfortable around him due to not only their similar situations, but his friendliness and fresh sense of humor.

When Eva, who is a masseuse, realizes that that her newest client (Catherine Keener) and friend is also Albert’s ex-wife, she begins to question everything about the man she’s dating.  Hearing nothing but horrible things about him all day from his ex, whose company she enjoys, she’s suddenly unsure of herself and what to do about the amazingly awkward situation.

This is a film first and foremost about the people in it, so thankfully the people in it are all either extremely likeable, or at least very interesting.  There is incredible chemistry between Gandolfini and Louis-Dreyfus, making something that could be dull and predictable, as well as awkward, into something truly enjoyable.  There moments together feel genuine and believable at all times – good and bad.

As the story and their relationship unfolds, we’re treated to snippets of their lives, both together and apart, in the case of Eva.  Unlike in some films, the life of the lead, outside of her romantic quest, feels important and lived in as well.  There are a number of colorful characters sprinkled throughout (including her close friend played by Toni Collette), and her relationship with her daughter, as well as her daughter’s friend, is especially poignant.

If it has to be stuffed into a genre, Enough Said would probably fall under “romantic comedy/drama,” but it’s a much more real and thoughtful than that label would usually suggest.  It is delightfully funny throughout, but has some heft to it as well without letting the drama weigh it down.  It is a great date movie alternative to something like the vapid Baggage Claim.  This is a great movie with a great cast, good story, and enjoyable moments.  Enough said.

Mrs. Hamster says:

“It was very real and I thought everyone had really great chemistry.”

My Rating: Four out of Five Hats


Enough Said charms its way into 227 theaters, September 27

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