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Weekend Preview – August 9, 2013

We're The Millers Poster

The Summer movie season is already approaching its end and studios are trying to capitalize on it as much as possible while they still can.  We’ve got four new wide releases this weekend, including two family friendly options.

Planes PosterPlanes

Despite being the least-liked Pixar films, the Cars franchise is the most successful – mostly due to merchandising.  It’s no surprise, then, that Disney wants to capitalize on that.  Planes is a spinoff from Cars, done by Disney Toons and was supposed to be direct to DVD.  Instead, it’s getting a theatrical release.  It should have stayed on DVD.

It’s a rip-off of both Cars movies with nothing original to offer, and doesn’t even look that great.  Only the least discerning kids will most likely be amused.  Skip it, please.

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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters PosterPercy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Another follow up to a less than stellar original.  The modern day Greek mythology young adult tale continues.  There are some new faces, but it’s mostly more of the same.  Logan Lerman, once again is the entirely uninteresting namesake of the series, and this time he and his friends are on a mission to recover the legendary Golden Fleece.  The whole world may very well be at stake.

Hey, it’s better than the first but that’s not saying much.  You might like it if you liked the first one and/or the books, but otherwise not worth your time.

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Elysium PosterElysium

One of my most anticipated of the Summer and one of the films I have been most disappointed with.  Perhaps there is a correlation, but perhaps not.  It’s a visually impressive telling of the age old tale of rich vs poor, set in a future where all of Earth is in devastating poverty and the rich all live in perfect paradise, orbiting the planet in a giant space station called Elysium.

Matt Damon stars in Neil Blomkamp‘s second movie, along with with Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley.  It tries to say too much, and ends up saying nothing at all.  There are elements in it that great, but overall, nowhere near as good or effective as District 9.  Still a must see if you’re interested in science fiction, but lower your expectations.

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We're The Millers PosterWe’re the Millers

A family road trip comedy.  Except the family is fake, as is the road trip.  Jason Sudeikis is a drug dealer with a problem.  To repay a debt, he has to sneak a “smidge” of pot back from Mexico.  To make it appear less suspicious, he puts together a family that includes his stripper neighbor (Jennifer Aniston) as his wife.

The road trip comedy is incredibly overdone, but this still managed to feel original and had some surprisingly funny moments thanks to a great supporting cast that includes Nick Offerman and Will Poulter.  If R rated comedies are your thing this is actually pretty good.

It’s pretty bad that out of four new movies, including one of my most anticipated of the year, it’s a modern comedy that comes out on top.  What was I smoking?

Read my full review here.


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