Review – Grown Ups 2

Grown Ups 2 Poster

Grown Ups 2 Poster

Because the first movie made too much money and Adam Sandler has too many friends, we’re getting a sequel about a bunch of “funny” men who just won’t quite grow up.

Sandler is back with the usual suspects in tow.  Chris Rock, Kevin James, and David Spade return, dragging with them a laundry list of their friends, old and new.  While not quite as extensive as the notoriously horrible Movie 43, the sheer amount of people showing up for this one is pretty impressive.  The cast includes, but is not limited to, Nick Swardson, Steve Austin, Salma Hayek, Steve Buscemi, Maya Rudolph, Andy Samberg, Chris Hardwick, Jon Lovitz, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Milo Ventimiglia, and Alexander Ludwig.

Lenny (Sandler) has returned to his hometown to settle down.  (Apparently in the first film, which I was spared watching, he had left to become a famous Hollywood type).  Surrounded by his friends, family, enemies, and various acquaintances, he has grown up finally.  Maybe.

Taking place on the last day of school, Grown Ups 2 is less of a movie with a plot than a series of interconnecting vignettes all.  It’s like a really long episode of SNL where all the skits are part of the same overall arc.  Except funnier – though that really doesn’t take much these days.

The movie opens with a joke that involves animals, urine, nudity, masturbation, and underwear.  Classy.  Thankfully it actually goes (a little) up hill from there.  Make no mistake, this is every bit as immature and dumb as you would expect, but at least a little thought seems to have been put into what other people might laugh at instead of just what Adam Sandler and his cronies find funny.

Various escapades happen during this event filled day, including ever philandering Higgy (Spade) meeting a kid he didn’t know he had (Ludwig), the kids of the other three going through growing pains like going out on a date, taking their driver’s test, or trying to stand up to bullies, and everyone pissing off a bunch of stupid frat boys.

I’ll admit, I laughed more than once or twice, and that’s more than I can say for some other comedies I’ve seen this year, despite how stupid this one is.  But when the cameos – such as those by Taylor Lautner, and Shaq – are the funniest parts in a movie filled with comedians, well, that’s saying something about the quality of this movie.

With as many jokes that are in this movie, and how quickly it moves from one to the next, there are bound to be some that stick for you, even making you forget some of the more terrible ones.  Don’t use that as a reason to encourage Adam Sandler with your hard earned money.  Catch it on cable if you must – it will be there soon enough.

Mrs. Hamster did not attend this screening

My Rating:  Two out of Five Hats



Grown Ups 2 belches its way into 3,491 theaters, July 17

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