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Review – This is the End

This is the End Poster

This is the End Poster

In case you haven’t heard, Left Behind, the popular Christian novel about those left on earth after the Rapture and that was made into a bomb of a movie in 2000 is getting a big Hollywood remake next year starring Nicholas Cage. Well, what if James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Jay Baruchel got really high, gathered all their actor friends, and made their own version first? You would probably end up with this “film.”

This is the End also stars Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, with cameos by everyone from Michael Cera, to Emma Watson, to Channing Tatum, to The Backstreet Boys and many, many, more.

Playing fictionalized, or not so fictionalized, versions of themselves, as the case may be, Jay Baruchel is in town visiting his good friend Seth Rogen. James Franco just happens to be having a house warming party at his new mansion, so the two of them head over there to join in the festivities with Jonah Hill and a plethora of other random celebrities including Kevin Hart and Jason Segel.

Right in the middle of this outrageous party, something goes wrong. And by something, I mean explosions, earthquakes, pits of fire, beams of light sucking people into the sky, the whole nine yards. Pretty soon it’s just the five comedic frienemies (Hill, Robinson, Franco, Rogen, and Baruchel) hunkered down to try to survive whatever is happening. It’s going to to take more than boarding up the windows and doors for a night though to get through the disaster though as it becomes more and more obvious that this is the apocalypse, in the Biblical sense of the word.

On paper, a bunch of funny guys trapped together at the end of the world, playing themselves, sounds like a good idea. On screen, it is inexplicably hilarious if you listen to the majority of critics right now. And it is funny – up until the point where McBride shows up, seemingly reminding everyone that they have not had nearly enough ten minute conversations about the violent evacuation of male bodily fluids.

The following may be considered spoilers, so highlight at the risk of spoilingsome of the film’s jokes as well as your appetite. Here is a list of things you will have to find funny in order to enjoy this movie: drinking your own urine like a fountain, getting raped by an anatomically correct demon, joking about who is most likely to rape a young woman, graphic cannibalism, smoking pot in heaven, and naked Michael Cera. Is that all? Nope – it gets even worse.

This movie crosses so many lines in the name of comedy, it’s like a checkerboard up in there. Are there funny parts? Yes. Will you be asking yourself “What the hell (pun intended) did I just watch?” Yes. Is it perverted, raunchy, immature, sacrilegious, disturbing and bizarre? I’ll take all of the above for zero dollars, Alex.

It’s obvious all the actors are having a blast, but this is the kind of thing that’s best kept to a rainy day brainstorming session amongst friends smoking something really really strong. You’re not supposed to film it and subject the general audience to your hallucinations, guys.

After watching this movie I felt like I should apologize. To my mother? God? My brain? I don’t know, but I can’t warn you away enough. If killing brain cells and good taste is your idea of a good time, by all means, go see this movie. Otherwise, stay far, far away. (Though I admit, the Backstreet Boys bit is actually pretty funny).

Mrs. Hamster did not attend this screening

My Rating: One out of Five Hats



This is the End arrives in 2,900 theaters June 12

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