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Weekend Preview – June 7, 2013

The Purge Poster

This weekend brings us two middle of the road entries.  One thriller and one comedy.

 The Purge Poster

The Purge

What if you could, literally, get away with murder?  And rape, and theft, and vandalism, and whatever else you feel like?  In The Purge, all of this is legal for twelve hours, once a year.  It’s done in the name of “purging” all the negativity from our system, and the country is apparently doing better than ever because of it.

Some people, like our family of the hour, the Sandins – Ethan Hawke and Lena Heady, invest in home security systems and just wait the night out.  This time, though, things just keep going wrong and they desperately try to survive the night.

This is the thriller version of the cheap, yet affective, horror films as of late.  It’s over the top at times, but actually pretty entertaining.  Unfortunatley it doesn’t explore the interesting notion of “The Purge” beyond using it as a set up to the film.  Sequels are expected and perhaps they will expand upon the idea better.

If it looks interesting to you, you’ll probably enjoy it, but it’s not going to surprise you.

Read my full review here.



The Internship Poster

The Internship

Wedding Crashers duo, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, team up for a comedy about a couple of middle-aged guys trying to make it in a young person’s business world.  When Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson) realize the hard way that there just isn’t a great need for watch salesmen they have two choices.  Make a new start at life, or watch it crumble around them.  A competitive internship at Google it is then.

If you want a laugh, you can’t really go “wrong” with this one – it’s relatively funny and there’s nothing to especially dislike about it other than the fact that it’s completely unlikely, not too original, and basically a feature length commercial for Google.  Kind of forgettable, but not disappointing enough that you’ll feel like you wasted your time watching it.  Not sure I can recommend paying to see it though.

Read me full review here.


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