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Weekend Preview – April 12, 2013

42 Poster

Sorry this week’s preview is a bit on the late side – there were circumstances of the beyond my control type.  There are a couple wide releases this weekend, one of which looks good and the other not so much.  If you’re in a film friendly market there are also a good number of interesting limited releases opening and expanding this weekend including Danny Boyles Thriller Trance, and the Gosling/Cooper drama The Place Beyond the Pines of which I will have a review next week for you in time for it’s planned full expansion.

42 Poster


The story of Jackie Robinson comes to life in this biopic of the American hero.  Part civil rights movie, parts baseball film, and part historical biography, this movie should appeal to a wide range of people.

Starring Chadwick Boseman as Robinson, 42 features a talented cast including Harrison Ford, Christopher Meloni, and John C. McGinley.  I’m hearing good things about it and with a compelling story and a talented cast, it seems hard to go wrong here.  I missed the screening of this one but it is definitely on my watch list and I’d say you should probably think about seeing it too.



Scary Movie 5 PosterScary Movie V

Despite it having been seven years since a Scary Movie came out, there has been lack of cheap parody films – in the horror genre or otherwise.  This might draw a younger generation in with the inclusion of popular shipwrecks Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, and the lower rating of PG-13.  Ultimately though, what can be in this one that hasn’t been done before?  There are a few clever pop culture references here and there, but nothing you wouldn’t see by browsing your facebook feed.  If you like this type of thing, sure, go see it.  You know what it is.  I’ll pass.


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